Radio Station Live streaming setup

Radio Live Stream with 12X-ZCams

Ethernet Connected PTZOptics Zcams

4 Camera Radio Station Live Streaming Setup

Radio is an amazing medium. “Truly we reach so many people,” says Shawn Tempesta, the host of Mix 94.1’s afternoon show. Tempesta explains, in his studio tour video available on YouTube that “the one problem is… in a digital world, there is no such thing as viral audio.” Motivated to grow his show’s presence online, Tempesta designed a live streaming studio using (4) four PTZOptics NDI® cameras. (3) Three PTZOptics 12X-ZCam cameras are used to produce high quality close up shots of each host and (1) one PTZOptics 12X-NDI PTZ camera is used to capture additional shots of the entire studio.

  • PTZOptics 12X-ZCAM NDI® Cameras: These cameras provide a high-quality NDI® video feed to vMix which is used as the studios streaming software.
  • PTZOptics 12X-NDI-WH: This PTZ camera is used to produce wide-angle shots of the entire studio during the broadcast.
  • AKAI USB MIDI Interface: This USB MIDI interface is used to control vMix the live streaming software.

Shawn has a setup that rivals traditional television. The beauty is that Shawn was able to purchase the entire system himself. This case study shows what one creative person can do on a budget to help promote their radio show. As you can see above each camera is only connected via a single Ethernet cable. Shawn sets up his streaming system every day because he owns it. Therefore each camera needed to be easy to set up and operate.

Easy to Operate: Shawn is not only the host of his show, but he also operates the entire system. There’s no budget to hire an on-side video producer.

Easy to setup: Each camera is connected via just one cable. That’s ethernet. This cable provides power, video, and control for the system.

Powerful: Shawn’s setup is able to live stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all at the same time. vMix is used to integrate comments from the chatrooms directly into the show to be more engaging.

vMix Control System for Radio Station

vMix Control System for Radio Station

PTZ Camera in Radio Station

PTZ Camera in Radio Station

NDI HX Camera for Radio

NDI®|HX Camera for Radio