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PTZOptics is quickly becoming a favorite the education market for flexibility of video output options. For distance learning our remote PTZ control capabilities allow both ends of a video call access to the rooms camera. This type of control is being used by teachers to simplify camera control down to a simple mouse click to direct the camera to the area of attention.

Higher education is using the simultaneuos streaming capabilities to equip rooms for web conferencing while at the same time accommodating HD recording platforms such as Panopto and MediaSite Recorders. With web video conferencing software such as Skype, GoToMeeting and Zoom.US becoming so popular in the education space it is ideal to have a camera that can support existing hardware and newer online meeting technologies.

Education Virtual Set Pack


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The Education Virtual Set Pack include Three (3) virtual sets. These virtual sets are perfect for live streaming, virtual classrooms (with video conferencing), professional recordings and a multitude of promotion video possibilities. Easily integrate these virtual sets with any professional video editing software and use our pre-configured packages for the industries top live streaming solutions: NewTek TriCasters, vMix and WireCast.

Education Case Study

The Frisco School of Music provides exceptional music lessons in Frisco Texas (TX). Students can learn to Play; Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Strings and More! When it comes time for performances Frisco School of Music uses Wirecast to live stream the events using PTZOptics HD-SDI cameras. Because the cameras are mounted in various locations in the auditorium Frisco School of Music is using the RTSP streaming capabilities over Cat-5 network cabling. Wirecast will take in the RTSP streams over your network and allow advance video mixing and production. Below we have live test footage from a recent performance.

Frisco School of Music in Frisco, Texas has shared from test footage from (4) PTZOptics 12X-SDI cameras. Frisco School of Music uses Wirecast streaming over IP with the PTZOptics cameras IP video output. The HD-SDI video output is a secondary option they use with a black magic video input card for their PC. As you can see the video stream is clear and low light scenarios look great.

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