Network Infrastructure and Streaming

Connecting the Dots Between Networking and Streaming a High-Level Overview

This video offers tips for consideration when networking for a live production. Bandwidth requirements, firewalls, port management, and more!

When it comes to delivering your video content inside and outside your network there are considerations you should think about regarding your network. We will discuss creating a workflow for creating content and collaborating with that content internally with your business but also consider segmentation and public-facing content as well. What the differences in content delivery when you have a private live stream and when you have a public live stream?

We will consider the BIG Picture Local Area Network topology which starts with your router and internet service provider. WE will consider setting up a LAN and VLAN for your audiovisual equipment used for live streaming. We will consider how you can deliver content just to your internal organization, do you need to leave your LAN and leverage the cloud? How do you connect remote employees to your live video content? Should they be connecting to the corporate network using a VLAN? Finally, how are we accommodating the audience external to our organization?

Once we have reviewed our network and determined the best infrastructure for delivering our live video content we can then determine the best workflow for content creation. We discuss the value of video production studio and data organization. We review how to store videos for on-demand viewing using a collaboration suite like Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams or Slack. How can we organize our video content and provide useful data and calls to action for our organization?

Internal and External Live Streaming

Finally, how can we make our content more engaging? Can we strike a balance between data presentation and real people that our audience can connect with? How can we engage with our audience in real time? We provide a demonstration of live trivia in our post-show to share how trivia can be used to keep audiences engaged in a fun game style presentation.

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