Choosing PTZ Camera Mounts

The power and flexibility of a PTZ camera are even more impressive when paired with the right PTZ camera mount. While these cameras can easily be set on a table or attached to a tripod, they get even more impressive when properly mounted. Due to the small form factor and lightweight of PTZ cameras, they can be installed nearly anywhere – from the ceiling, a wall, or even attached to a pole. 

Choosing the right PTZ camera mount will ensure that you get the most out of your PTZ camera. When selecting a mount, you should consider the look of the installation since some options offer a more discreet appearance. You should also think about the setup of the room, including the height of the ceilings, and the angle of the video shot you are hoping to achieve. Below are some of the options and where they are best suited for installation.

PTZ Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounted PTZ
Ceiling Mounted PTZ

There are three main reasons you might want to use a ceiling mount for your PTZ camera. First, it is the most unobtrusive mounting method. There are many settings where it is vital for the camera to go unnoticed. This type of discreet mounting is especially crucial in historic or ceremonial spaces where guests may not want to notice the technology in use. 

The second reason a PTZ ceiling mount may be preferred is that it can be the best way to achieve an unobstructed camera shot. At ceiling height, it is easy for the camera to avoid any attendees or other obstructions and get a clear shot of nearly anywhere in the room. Third, a ceiling mount provides the opportunity to use the full pan and tilt capabilities of the camera since it is entirely unobstructed.

PTZ ceiling mounts can be mounted directly to a wood or drywall ceiling or attached to any standard electrical gang box. The only possible disadvantage of this type of mounting is the camera angle. Depending on the height of the ceiling, it can create a “high angle shot” which is not always preferred. 

PTZ Camera Ceiling Mount Pros: Discreet appearance, unobstructed shot, take advantage of the full range of pan and tilt.

PTZ Ceiling Mount Cons:  High-angle shots are not always preferred.

Learn more about PTZOptics ceiling-mounted cameras here.

PTZ Camera Pole Mounts

Pole Mount
Pole Mount

There are times when a ceiling mount is preferred, but there a desire to get the camera a little closer to the ground. With exceptionally high ceilings, you may wish to reduce the angle of the shot. With a PTZ camera pole mount, you are in control of the exact height of the camera and therefore the camera angle. The mount attaches to standard 1″ NPT pipe cut to your specifications. The pipe is then attached to the ceiling. All of the required cabling can be run through the pipe, offering an exceptionally clean looking application. The only disadvantage over a regular ceiling mount is the loss of a small range of motion.

PTZ Camera Pole Mount Pros: Allows for selection of camera height and angle.

PTZ Camera Pole Mount Cons: Not as discreet as a ceiling mount.

You can learn more about PTZOptics pole-mounted cameras here.

PTZ Camera Wall Mounts

wall mount
wall mount

The ceiling isn’t your only option when mounting a PTZ camera. PTZ camera wall mounts are another way to keep your cameras out of the field of view while capturing the perfect shot. Thanks to cable access ports on the mount, the camera can be mounted flush to the wall with cables routed out of the way and into the wall. Installed correctly, cameras can blend right into the decor. Wall mounting also gives you complete control of the height of the camera and the camera angle. The only downside, when compared to ceiling mounting methods, is the loss of some of the range of panning. Since the wall is directly behind the camera, part of the camera’s range is obstructed.

PTZ Camera Wall Mount Pros: Discreet appearance, height flexibility.

PTZ Camera Wall Mount Cons: Some obstruction limits panning range.

You can learn more about PTZOptics wall-mounted cameras here.


The PTZ Camera mounting solutions add even more flexibility to camera installations. The best part is, for multiple camera setups, various mounting solutions can be used. This way, you can get the best-looking mount and best mounting location for each camera in the setup. Finally, did you know there are outdoor mounting solutions for PTZ cameras as well? That’s right, you can learn more about mounting your PTZOptics cameras outdoors here