Use Your Voice to Control PTZOptics Cameras

Hands-Free Camera Control with OBS and vMix

Voice control is now available for use with PTZOptics cameras. Control pan, tilt, zoom and other features, such as calling a PTZ preset, with nothing other than your voice. Currently, PTZOptics cameras can be voice controlled using OBS and vMix integrations.

Voice Control with OBS

OBS is a free screencasting and streaming app, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This open-source software has been developed by volunteer contributors all over the globe so live streaming could be more accessible to both novice and expert producers. With OBS, you can now use voice commands thanks to a software called “VoiceMacro.”

Voice Control with vMix

vMix is a Windows-based video production software often used for recording videos and hosting live streams. With vMix, you can now use voice commands to move PTZ cameras, switch between video inputs, and much more.

Surgical Video Recording Systems

A great example of a situation where voice control is extremely useful is surgical video recording. Many institutions have systems where video can be recorded or live streamed during a surgical procedure for educational purposes. In this case, voice commands are an easy way for doctors or nurses to control the camera in a sterile environment — no need to touch a joystick or use a software application.

Voice control over PTZ cameras will optimize your video production workflow. In some cases, busy professionals who would not otherwise be able to utilize their camera’s PTZ functions can now issue simple verbal commands from a convenient location—no joystick controller or smartphone app required.

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