Support Utilities

PTZOptics Support Utilities

Below you will find support utilities for PTZOptics® cameras. If you have any questions about the use of the tools please feel free to submit a ticket or review our knowledge base articles.

Download this tool to access and change your camera’s IP address (updated tool).

Use this tool to re-calibrate the focus of your 12X or 20X PTZOptics camera.

Use this tool in AMCAP Video Capturing App to test the camera’s USB feed.

Allows you to control the camera settings on your webcam

Use your camera’s serial number to find and download the appropriate firmware files.

Allows you to search for active IP address of WirelessCables on your network

This is your guide to configuring your PTZOptics NDI®|HX cameras. System optimization tips for using NDI®|HX

Guide to optimizing the many settings for your live stream

VISCA over IP commands used to control functions of the PTZOptics Cameras

VISCA commands used to control functions of the PTZOptics cameras

Currently supported VISCA over IP command set

Control your PTZOptics camera with HTTP web browser commands.

Preview your camera’s feed and adjust its settings in the web interface using this plugin.