PTZOptics Robotics & Computer Programming Grant Program

Robotics and IP Control Programming

PTZOptics now offers a grant program designed to help educational organizations obtain our robotic PTZ cameras for research and learning. This program helps to subsidize educational programs and research projects that take advantage of the PTZOptics robotic control and custom programming functionality. Approved projects will receive funding the form of discounted product purchasing options after submitting a plan for their educational program. Each applicant must describe how their program will use the PTZOptics cameras for educational or research value. PTZOptics will award projects with the most merit and educational value as resources for this program continue to be available. An organization willing to contribute their project code to the PTZOptics open source resources will receive additional funding.


Program Guidelines

Research Project Guidelines:

Organizations interested in using PTZOptics network controlled robotic PTZ cameras for research projects should review the following guidelines. Projects must be submitted with details about the project which include purpose, technical implementation, and desired outcomes. Please include information regarding your program’s history and the institution’s support of this project. Please return a signed form with signatures from the leadership at your organization. If your project will result in a published research paper please include this information in the form details section.

Educational Project Guidelines:

If your educational organization plans to use the PTZOptics network controlled robotic PTZ cameras for educational purposes please review the following guidelines. Each project should include information about its place in a larger educational curriculum. If your school has robotics, computer programming or broadcast clubs interested in this program, please have the form signed by the clubs primary faculty member. If you plan to follow the PTZOptics “Camera Control Coding Challenge” course materials please note this in submission. If your club plans on entering a local, regional or national tournament please note this in the form details section. Your school may be eligible for limited custom programming support depending on the nature of your project.


Open Source Code Contributions

If your project will generate code that can be included in our open source control software resources please let us know. If your project plans to use any portion of the existing open source control codes please submit this information as well. If your organization is willing to contribute to the PTZOptics open source community your project may be more likely to be approved.

Supported Programming Languages and Documentation

Below you will find a list of potential programming languages that can be deployed for use in controlling PTZOptics cameras for educational and research programs. Please note each programming language your project will include.

  1. HTML/Web
  2. Python
  3. C (Coming Soon to our Documentation)
  4. C++ (Coming Soon to our Documentation)
  5. Visual Basic (Coming Soon to our Documentation)

Apply for the PTZOptics Robotics Research & Learning Grant Program


Disclaimer: Assistance from the PTZOptics support team may be limited for this program as it applies to custom programming.