PoE Explaination Page

Add Power Over Ethernet to our USB cameras that do not support PoE.

When using a USB or older SDI G2 model PTZOptics camera you will need a Texas WiFi PoE adapter for Power over Ethernet. This device is an inexpensive and reliable option for running 12V power to your PTZOptics camera. You can run up to 100m (328 feet) with the WiFi Texas PoE adapter. This device allows power to be carried on 10/100/1000 networks with either 802.3af or passive injectors and switches with a CAT5e, CAT6 or CAT7 Ethernet network cable. The PoE adapter couldn’t be an easier install. It can be installed as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply connect EIAJ-04 DC cord to your camera, then connect RJ45 male to your camera, lastly use a factory Ethernet cable to connect to the RJ45 female to your PoE switch up to 100 mtr distance.

PoE compatibility playlist

In this video series, we will be reviewing how to set up multiple PTZ cameras powered over ethernet. We will be using a PoE switch (Air Link ASW408POE) provided by Texas Wifi and a few Power Over Ethernet 12V break out cables (WT-AF-PTZOptics). These breakout cables provide ethernet and 12V power (for the cameras) coming from a single PoE switch.

Intended for use with a PoE switch, this active PoE solution negotiates with the switch to activate power and provide it to the PTZOptics camera. It is a compact and cost effective power solution. The switch supplies 48 or 56 volts DC at the source location. The higher DC voltage means the current is reduced by a factor of 4, and then carried with less loss over the 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T network cable. The splitter extracts the DC voltage from the network cable and reduces the voltage to 12v, and increases the available current by the same factor to power the camera on the EIAJ-04 splitter DC plug. Unlike simple injector / splitter sets, this combination of a 48v source and 12v converter allows you to extend the distance with this product for this application up to 328ft or 100 meters.