New PTZOptics Cameras Feaures on Display at CES

Note: The new features will be available soon, but may not be available for your specific camera. Some of the features, are still be finalized and new firmware should be available soon.

We are thrilled to share some groundbreaking news straight from the bustling floors of CES 2024! As we continually push the boundaries of video technology, our latest array of features for PTZOptics cameras is set to redefine how you experience and interact with live video production. PTZOptics continues to improve our cameras, and this year we are announcing some impressive improvements to our cameras auto-tracking performance, control and more. Whether you’re a seasoned video professional or just starting out, these features are designed to unlock new realms of possibility, making professional-grade video production more intuitive and accessible than ever. So, let’s dive in and explore how these innovations are set to revolutionize your video production experience!

Unique Subject Tracking

A new auto-tracking feature now allows for Unique Subject Tracking and identification of presenters on screen. This new feature allows you to quickly switch between subjects that you would like to track using the web-interface or the IR remote control. In a bustling environment, where multiple subjects share the screen, our technology now assigns a distinct identifier to each person visible in the live video area of the web interface. This allows you, the operator, to select and track individuals with ease. What’s more, the bounding boxes remain exclusive to the web interface, ensuring that your SDI, HDMI, USB, and NDI feeds remain unobstructed. This feature represents a significant leap forward, simplifying your video production process and elevating the quality of your content. Whether you’re covering a dynamic live event or a multi-speaker conference, Unique Subject Tracking, enhanced by our Presenter Lock technology, ensures that your focus remains razor-sharp on the subject of your choice, without ever missing a beat.

Auto-Tracking Composition Modes

The Auto-Tracking Composition Modes in our Move 4K cameras offer a significant enhancement in framing and subject tracking. These new modes include options to position the subject at the center, left, or right of the frame, allowing for tailored composition according to the operator’s preference. As the camera follows the subject, it automatically adjusts to keep them ideally positioned within the scene. This feature is particularly beneficial for scenarios where the subject’s placement in the frame is crucial, such as in interviews or presentations. Camera operators can now easily choose how the subject is framed while the camera takes care of the continuous tracking. This functionality not only adds flexibility in shot composition but also ensures that the subject remains consistently well-framed, enhancing the overall quality and professionalism of the video output.

Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes

Move 4K cameras now feature advanced Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes, enhancing your control over video framing and subject focus. These modes include Dynamic, Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot, each designed to cater to different filming needs. The Dynamic Zoom Mode allows for active control over the optical zoom during auto-tracking, ideal for directors who want to adjust zoom levels in real-time for creative effects. For those seeking consistency in framing, the Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot modes offer steady and uniform zoom levels. This adaptability is especially useful in scenarios where you need to alternate between detailed close-ups and broader wide-angle shots of the subject. These new zoom modes not only add versatility to your filming but also ensure that the subject is always captured with the desired emphasis, whether it’s a detailed view or a wider context.

Track Now

The ‘Track Now’ feature in our Move SE and 4K cameras brings an added dimension to subject tracking. This innovative function allows the camera to start tracking a subject immediately from its current position, providing a quick and seamless transition into auto-tracking mode. It’s an ideal complement to the standard auto-tracking feature, which typically begins from a predefined PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) preset location, such as a teacher’s desk or a presenter’s podium. ‘Track Now’ is particularly useful in dynamic environments where immediate response is crucial, such as during live events or spontaneous moments in a broadcast. This feature ensures that important subjects are followed without delay, maintaining continuous and engaging video coverage.

Auto-Tracking Sensitivity

The Move 4K cameras now offer an enhanced Auto-Tracking Sensitivity feature, providing users with refined control over the camera’s movements. This new setting allows operators to adjust how the camera pans, tilts, and zooms in response to the subject’s movements during auto-tracking. With this customizable sensitivity, you can fine-tune the camera to suit different filming scenarios, whether it requires subtle, slow movements for a more professional feel or quicker adjustments for fast-paced action. This added level of control ensures that your camera movements are always smooth and responsive, matching the dynamics of each scene. It’s a significant step towards more personalized and professional-grade video production, allowing for seamless integration of camera movements into the creative vision of your project.


The Auto-Framing feature in the PTZOptics Move 4K cameras is a notable addition that enhances group video captures. This functionality intelligently adjusts the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom to include multiple subjects in the frame, ensuring that everyone is visible in group settings like discussions, team presentations, or special events. Auto-Framing dynamically adapts to changes in the scene, such as when new participants join or the group configuration shifts, maintaining a well-composed shot throughout the event. It’s important to note that Auto-Framing operates independently and cannot be used simultaneously with the auto-tracking feature. This distinction allows for specialized use cases where the focus is on capturing the group dynamics comprehensively, making it an invaluable tool for scenarios where inclusive framing is key

New PTZOptics G3 API

Exciting developments continue with the introduction of the PTZOptics API G3, a significant advancement in camera control technology. Building on the success of previous versions, the new API G3 opens up a world of possibilities for developers, offering over five times more control options. This expansion not only enhances existing features like auto-tracking and auto-framing but also introduces new capabilities such as subject selection. Designed with the developer community in mind, the PTZOptics API G3 allows for the creation of more dynamic and responsive camera experiences. This tool empowers users to tailor their camera operations to specific needs and scenarios, making it a versatile asset for anyone looking to push the boundaries of video production and live broadcasting.

Privacy Mode

Introducing the Privacy Mode on PTZOptics cameras, a feature thoughtfully designed for enhancing security and confidentiality. Recognizing the growing importance of privacy in various settings, this mode goes beyond simply turning off the camera. When activated, Privacy Mode repositions the camera lens to face a wall, ensuring that no accidental recording or broadcasting occurs. This feature is particularly relevant in sensitive environments where confidentiality is paramount. While in Privacy Mode, the camera remains in a standby state, allowing for instant reactivation when needed. This unique blend of privacy and readiness offers peace of mind, making it an ideal solution for settings such as private meetings, educational environments, or any space where privacy assurance is critical.


PTZOptics has taken a significant step into the future of video production with the integration of FreeD support in its Move 4K cameras. FreeD, a leading camera tracking data protocol, enables the creation of immersive virtual environments, blending physical camera movements with digital graphics. This feature is particularly advantageous for users looking to integrate their PTZOptics cameras with advanced systems like Unreal Engine, opening up new creative possibilities in live video projects. Whether it’s for broadcasting, virtual production, or live events, the FreeD support allows for a dynamic and interactive viewer experience, seamlessly combining real-world footage with virtual elements. This integration marks a pivotal advancement for creators and technologists aiming to bridge the gap between physical and digital video production.

PTZ Speed Sync

PTZOptics introduces the PTZ Speed Sync feature for its Move 4K cameras, a significant enhancement in camera-controller synchronization. This feature ensures a seamless alignment between the camera movements and the PTZOptics PT-JOY-G4 and PT-SUPERJOY-G1 joystick controllers. Regardless of the preset speeds set on the camera, PTZ Speed Sync harmonizes the controller’s input, resulting in fluid and consistent pan, tilt, and zoom motions. This synchronization is especially crucial in professional production settings where precise and smooth camera movements are essential. Whether it’s a slow, dramatic pan or a quick zoom, PTZ Speed Sync guarantees that the camera response is perfectly in tune with the operator’s intentions, offering a higher level of control and enhancing the overall production quality.

PTZ Preset Tours

The Preset Tour feature in PTZOptics cameras is a dynamic tool designed for automated and precise camera movements. This feature enables users to set a series of predefined pan, tilt, and zoom positions that the camera can cycle through at a specified speed. It’s particularly valuable in settings where consistent camera angles and transitions are crucial, such as in studio broadcasts, live events, or educational contexts. The Preset Tour ensures that each scene or subject is captured from the best angles, maintaining a high level of visual consistency and professionalism. By automating these movements, the feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the production but also simplifies the operational workflow, allowing operators to focus on other aspects of the production.


As we wrap up our overview of the latest features unveiled by PTZOptics at CES, it’s clear that these advancements are set to elevate the standards of video production and camera control. From the precision of Unique Subject Tracking to the creative possibilities opened by FreeD integration, each feature has been thoughtfully designed to enhance user experience and adaptability in a variety of settings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning to explore the realm of video production, these innovations offer tools to bring your creative visions to life with greater ease and professionalism. PTZOptics continues to lead the way in developing technology that not only meets the current demands of video production but also anticipates the future needs of the industry. Stay tuned for more updates as these features become available, and get ready to experience a new era of video production excellence with PTZOptics.