Dynamic Zoom: Zooming In and Out While Auto-Tracking in Enabled

Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes

Take control of your visuals with the Move 4K’s advanced Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes! We’re excited to introduce four new zoom modes: Dynamic, Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot. Dynamic Zoom Mode puts you in the director’s seat, giving you full command over optical zoom during auto-tracking. Prefer consistent framing? Choose from Close-Up, Medium, or Long Shot modes for steady, uniform zoom levels. This feature is great for tracking subjects with one close-up view and a second wide angle shot.

Auto Tracking - Optical Zoom Controls

Capturing the perfect shot often involves tracking moving subjects, a task that requires precision and flexibility in your camera setup. PTZOptics’ Move 4K camera introduces an innovative solution to this challenge with its Dynamic Zoom and Unique Subject Tracking features.

1. The Power of Dynamic Zoom:

  • Dynamic Zoom in the Move 4K redefines the way you track subjects. This feature allows for seamless zooming in and out, even while auto-tracking is enabled. Whether you need a close-up of a speaker in a conference or want to capture the full context of a scene in a live event, Dynamic Zoom adjusts smoothly, ensuring your subject is always in clear focus.

2. Revolutionizing Subject Tracking:

  • What sets the Move 4K apart is its Unique Subject Tracking system. Each subject in the live video area is assigned a distinct number, visible through the web interface. This innovation simplifies the process of switching between subjects for tracking – all it takes is a selection via the web-interface or a command from the IR remote control. Such flexibility is invaluable in dynamic shooting environments where the focus of interest can shift rapidly.

3. Intuitive Bounding Box System:

  • Alongside these features, the Move 4K boasts an intuitive bounding box system. This system is designed to enhance the user experience by appearing only on the web interface, thereby keeping your SDI, HDMI, USB, and NDI feeds clean and free from distractions. It’s a thoughtful touch that ensures your final output remains professional and uncluttered.

These features mark a significant leap in auto-tracking technology, offering unprecedented control and flexibility. The Move 4K is not just tracking subjects; it’s intelligently adapting to your production needs, ensuring that every shot is captured with precision and ease.

In the next section, we’ll explore the Auto-Tracking Composition Modes, which bring additional layers of creativity and control to your video production.

Auto-Tracking Composition Modes

The Move 4K’s capability extends beyond just tracking a subject; it’s about framing them perfectly in every shot. This is where the Auto-Tracking Composition Modes come into play, offering a new dimension of creative control to camera operators.

1. Framing with Precision:

  • The Move 4K introduces innovative composition framing for auto-tracking, allowing you to choose how the subject is positioned in the frame. Be it center, left, or right, these modes provide the flexibility to frame your shots exactly as you envision. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where composition plays a critical role in the storytelling, such as in interviews, presentations, or artistic productions.

2. Seamless Subject Tracking:

  • Regardless of the chosen framing mode, the camera seamlessly tracks your subject. This ensures that they remain in the perfect spot within the scene, even if they move. It’s an essential feature for dynamic shooting situations where the subject is not stationary, maintaining a consistent and professional look throughout the production.

3. Empowering Camera Operators:

  • These new modes empower camera operators by providing them the ability to decide how the subject should be framed while the camera takes care of the tracking. It’s a balance of automated efficiency and artistic control, allowing operators to focus more on the creative aspects of their work rather than being bogged down by technical limitations.

The Auto-Tracking Composition Modes in the Move 4K are a testament to PTZOptics’ commitment to enhancing the art of video production. They allow for a more refined and deliberate approach to filming, ensuring that every frame is captured just as intended.

Next, we will explore the Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes, which add another layer of control and versatility to your filming experience.

Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes

In the realm of professional video production, the ability to control zoom is crucial. PTZOptics’ Move 4K takes this to the next level with its advanced Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes. Let’s dive into how these modes redefine the way we approach tracking shots.

1. Dynamic Zoom Mode:

  • Dynamic Zoom Mode puts the directorial control in your hands. This mode allows for full command over optical zoom during auto-tracking, enabling you to adjust the zoom level dynamically as the subject moves. Whether you’re tracking a speaker moving across a stage or capturing an athlete in motion, Dynamic Zoom adapts to the situation, offering both close-up details and wider context as needed.

2. Consistent Framing Options:

  • For those who prefer more consistent framing, the Move 4K offers three additional zoom modes: Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot. Each mode maintains a steady, uniform zoom level, ensuring that the subject is framed consistently throughout the shot. This is ideal for situations where maintaining a constant perspective on the subject is important, such as during interviews or static presentations.

3. Enhancing Production Quality:

  • These Zoom Modes are more than just technical features; they are tools that enhance the overall production quality. By providing options for how the subject is framed and tracked, these modes allow for greater creative expression and storytelling. They ensure that the camera movement complements the narrative, rather than distracts from it.

With the introduction of these Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes, PTZOptics Move 4K demonstrates its versatility and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of video producers. Whether your production requires dynamic framing changes or consistent shot types, these modes provide the flexibility and control necessary for high-quality video production.

In the final section, we will delve into the Auto-Tracking Sensitivity feature, which further enhances the camera’s tracking capabilities.


With all its cool features like Dynamic Zoom, Unique Subject Tracking, and those handy Auto-Tracking Modes, it’s like having a superhero camera in your toolkit.

Think about it: Dynamic Zoom is like having superpowers to zoom in and out smoothly while keeping track of your moving subject. It’s perfect for catching every detail, whether you’re filming a fast-paced sports event or an intense conference speech. And with Unique Subject Tracking, switching focus between different people is a breeze – it’s like your camera knows exactly what you’re thinking!

But wait, there’s more! Whether you want your subject smack in the center, off to the side for an artsy look, or zoomed in for dramatic effect, the Auto-Tracking Composition and Zoom Modes have got your back. It’s all about giving you the freedom to frame your shots just the way you want, without sweating the small stuff.

And hey, we all like things just the way we like them, right? That’s where the Auto-Tracking Sensitivity comes in. It lets you tweak how your camera moves, so whether you want a gentle pan or a quick zoom, it’s all under your control.

So, what’s the bottom line? The Move 4K isn’t just a piece of tech; it’s your partner in creating awesome videos. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, these features are here to make your life easier and your videos look slick.