PTZOptics and BoxCast

Live Streaming Software and Video Encoders

PTZOptics confirms compatibility with BoxCast products! See how!

PTZOptics has been working with BoxCast to determine compatibility between all PTZOptics PTZ cameras and their video encoders and streaming software.

We are happy to confirm compatibility with the BoxCast Software, as well as their BoxCaster and BoxCaster Pro. Learn more about the details below.


The BoxCaster video encoder offers a simple 1080p streaming solution. Connect using the HDMI output of your PTZOptics camera and stream directly to your preferred destination.

BoxCaster Pro

The BoxCaster Pro is a video encoder with advanced features such as SDI and HDMI inputs, professional audio options, status monitoring, 1080p 60fps, HEVC compression, and event scheduling within the device. Pair your PTZOptics cameras with this unit via HDMI or SDI.

The BoxCast Platform is a web-based service offering multiple tiers for live streaming. With features like live transcoding, production and graphics, post production, and analytics, pairing the PTZOptics cameras with this solution is a great option. PTZOptics cameras can be brought into the BoxCast Platform via RTMP. See how to integrate PTZOptics cameras with BoxCast.