Advantages of PTZ Cameras for Student Operators

A great way to get students ready for the future is to give them hands-on experience with the latest technology. This is especially true when it comes to video production. When given the opportunity to produce video, students have the opportunity to learn many technical skills, including camera operation, lighting, composition, editing, and production. Students can also gain more than technical knowledge. They get experience with project management, directing fellow students, and storytelling.

But sometimes schools miss out on opportunities because they are using outdated technology. Many schools are still offering students the chance to learn on shoulder-mounted cameras. Whether held on a student’s shoulder or tripod-mounted, these cameras still have a place in video production. However, some schools are stepping into the future and opening up more learning opportunities by equipping student studios with the latest PTZOptics cameras.

Camera Control from Anywhere


Shoulder or tripod-mounted cameras require a student operator to be with the camera at all times. This can often make it challenging to find enough available, trained students. It also means that camera operators are away from the control room where all the action is. PTZOptics cameras can be operated from the control room or anywhere else that is appropriate. Students who are operating cameras have a better opportunity to learn more aspects of the production process since they can be gathered with other students and teachers.

Familiar Controls Lead to Faster Success

student camera operations set up
student camera operations set up

There are not many students who aren’t comfortable with a joystick. PTZOptics camera controllers and joysticks make it easy for students to get a feel for controlling cameras. Controllers also have built-in presets for smooth and easy camera movements. For something even more familiar, students can now use Xbox controllers to pan, tilt, zoom, and even switch control to another camera.

Built-In Robotics

Smart students are learning all they can about robotics. Robotics will play a significant role in the future of automation and will impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Students will be drawn to the opportunity to work with what is essentially a robotic camera. There is a lot to be learned from a professional-grade device that can be operated remotely.

Perfect for Many Student Projects

live streaming equipment in education
live streaming equipment in education

PTZOptics cameras are ideal for nearly any type of student production. Student announcements will look better than ever and provide more opportunities for students to master the elements of production. Schools that host eSports tournaments will find that these cameras offer the chance to create professional-looking results. Any student production can look better and provide more opportunities for students to learn and grow.

Mentoring Students in Broadcast Technology

Students who are interested in a future in broadcast technology need opportunities to get hands-on experience with the equipment that will shape the future of the industry. Teachers and mentors will have no trouble mastering the features of these easy to use cameras. They can pass on that knowledge along with other aspects of video production to a new generation of producers. PTZOptics cameras and controllers can help students quickly gain confidence and begin to create video productions they can be proud of.

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