Revisit the 2018 NAB Show w/ PTZOptics

Download our 2018 NAB Show Debrief! The document is accompanied with over eight industry professional interviews from Andrew Cross of NewTek, Tim Vandenberg & Martin Sinclair of vMix, Dan Slider of xKeys, Andrew Haley of Wirecast, Claudia Barbiero of LiveU, Kasper Skaarhoj of Skarhoj and Darryl Spangler representing Magewell. These interviews make up one of the industries most detailed reviews of the live streaming industry.

Download our complete 15 page 2018 NAB Show Debrief!

Day 1

Day 2

Interview w/ Dr. Andrew Cross of NewTek

Interview Martin & Tim of vMix

Interview w/ Kasper Skaarhoj of Skaarhoj

Day 4 – Interview w/ Andrew Haley of Wirecast

2018 NAB Show Photos