The New EPTZ Cameras Are Here!

Introducing the brand new PTZOptics EPTZ ZCams. The EPTZ ZCams are going to change the way you think about 4K and 1080p production environments using the power of electronic Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These cameras feature 4K image sensors with not one but two SDI video outputs, giving users the ability to capture lossless zoomed-in areas at 1080p and 720p quality levels while maintaining a wide 104-degree field of view video stream.

The built-in EPTZ functionality allows users to control pan, tilt and zoom camera operations digitally inside of the large resolution pixel space. For example, in a 4K image space using EPTZ, users have the ability to create multiple unique 1920 by 1080 pixel scenes. EPTZ functionality provides the ability to instantaneously cut between camera presets using multiple IP connected software and hardware solutions like the PTZOptics IP Joystick, iOS app or free Mac and PC software.

EPTZ Camera with Dual SDI output
EPTZ Camera with Dual SDI output

This technology is made even more effective because our engineers have paired a wide field of view and extended focal length that keeps objects in view up to 25 feet away. With two SDI video outputs your system will always have access to the wide-angle view while also having access to the digitally zoomed view as well.

The dual SDI outputs are ideal for cutting between multiple scenes in the camera, plus your system doesn’t have to process 4K video because everything is handled seamlessly inside of the camera. SDI cabling is preferred by video professionals for its superior performance and reliability. These ZCam models feature professional locking connectors, 1080p60fps functionality, and long cable run capabilities.

Customers using NDI workflows can purchase the EPTZ ZCams with NDI|HX built-in. The NDI camera model brings IP video to your next project anywhere on your local area network. You can use EPTZ just like normal PTZ controls with any NDI compatible application. NDI|HX stands for “high efficiency” as it allows you to use high-quality video on your network without taking up large amounts of bandwidth.

Enjoy the industry’s top IP video tool and integrations which include Adobe Creative Cloud for digital media, Skype and hundreds of other popular software solutions such as OBS, xSplit, Wirecast, vMix, Tricaster and Livestream Studio. With built-in PoE, as the camera’s power source it is ideal for network-connected video productions.

The PTZOptics EPTZ ZCam also features all the network connectivity and IP streaming standards that customers enjoy with our regular PTZ camera models. That means you can stream locally with RTSP and out to CDNs using RTMP.

The camera comes complete with ¼-20 connections on the top and bottom of each unit, providing easy mounting options including wall, ceiling, pole and gantry mounts, tripods and other surfaces, plus the ability to mount tally lights and other devices easily.