Tech Town Hall: Post Production, Blender, CGI, Houdini FX, AI

In our Tech Town Hall webinar this month, we discussed some tips and tricks you need to know about post-production, live streaming and the future of AI in image and video creation. Will Golde and our video production team will go over some methods we use here at PTZOptics to enhance our videos in post-production. We’ll also be doing demos of Blender and Houdini Fx. Blender is an awesome 3D image and video creation tool used to create realistic renderings of products, environments, and much more. Houdini Fx is discussed with its ability to be used as part of our live and post-production video workflows. Finally, we may be leaving Adobe Premiere for Davinci. Learn about our thoughts in the YouTube video recording of this webinar.

The Importance of Live Streaming and Video Production for Media Professionals

Live streaming and video production are two of the most important tools available to media professionals today. Live streaming allows you to reach a global audience with your message in real-time, while video production gives you the ability to create high-quality content that can be used to promote your brand or business.

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships. It’s also an excellent way to generate leads and sales. Video production, on the other hand, is essential for creating engaging and visually appealing content that can be used to market your business or product.

The impact of 3D tools on live streaming

Houdini FX and Blender are two of the most popular 3D software tools used by media professionals today. Houdini FX is a powerful tool that allows you to create realistic 3D simulations and animations. Blender is a versatile tool that can be used for modeling, rigging, animation, and more.

Both Houdini FX and Blender are used extensively in video and image creation by media professionals. Houdini FX is often used to create realistic simulations of objects or events. Blender is commonly used to create 3D models and animations.

The use of 3D tools has had a significant impact on certain types of video production. The ability to create realistic simulations and animations has allowed media professionals to create more immersive and engaging live streams. The use of 3D tools has also allowed for the creation of new genres of live stream, such as virtual reality streams. 3D tools are revolutionizing the live-streaming industry and Houdini FX and Blender are at the forefront of this revolution.

How AI tools are modernizing video production

The use of AI in video production is not a new concept. AI has been used in video production for years, but its application has been limited to tasks such as automatic color correction and noise reduction. AI is now being used for more complex tasks such as object recognition, motion tracking, and facial recognition. Brian Mulcahy demonstrates the Stable Diffusion open source AI technology in the image below.

AI is also being used to create realistic 3D environments and characters. This is done by using AI to generate 3D models from 2D images. AI can also be used to create realistic 3D animations. The use of AI in video production is not limited to special effects and post-production. AI is also being used in pre-production and production.

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