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Wireless IP Video System

Live video production extended wirelessly up to 400 meters (1,300 feet) & up to one mile in daisy-chain mode!



Plug and Play Wireless Networking for NDI®



Designed to provide 300 Mbps of low latency data transfer ideal for video production with the NewTek® NDI®.

WirelessCables are professional grade WAPS (Wireless Access Points), not just links, meaning any standard wireless IP or NDI device can seamlessly connect.



Set up is a breeze!

In just 3 minutes, see how easy it is to setup a WirelessCable with your video production workflow.


Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

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SKU: PT-WC-PP-G1 (Pre-Paired Units)
UPC: 737993162179
SKU: PT-WC-G1 (Single Additional Unit)
UPC: 737993162186
Designed for flexible live streaming and video production environments. The PTZOptics Wireless Cable is a 400 Meter (1,300 feet) wireless Ethernet solution with daisy-chaining capabilities which can provide increased distances of up to 1,600 meters or 5,249 feet. This low latency wireless solution can be paired with any device that utilizes a LAN connection and can provide up to 300 Megabits of wireless transmission bandwidth. With a paired Station & Access Point, you can connect any device to your network wirelessly. Please reference our advanced setup video in the description below, for more information about a daisy-chain setup.
High Bandwidth
1 Year Warranty
Add new cameras
Power Supply Included
NewTek NDI ready
IP Management

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Praise for PTZOptics Support

It is SO nice to have a manufacturer that actually answers the phone and has support you can reach when you need them! A simple setup change that I couldn't find the answer to and 2 minutes later I was in business!

Jack Dastoli

Here's a shout out to the PTZOptics tech support team. They are incredibly patient and helpful. The quality of support is what sets you apart from the other companies.

Dan Slider

Just want to give a massive shout out to the PTZOptics Support team. I have been speaking with Sean and Jonathan on various occasions and they are awesome and super helpful. When you're wondering what equipment to invest in the quality of the after sales support should always be a factor and PTZOptics in my opinion provides amazing after sales care and support.

Peter Nardi

Frequently Asked Wireless Cable Questions

Can this wireless system be used with the NewTek Connect Spark?

Yes. You can make a newer NewTek connect spark 4K and pro models wireless using the PTZOptics Wireless Cable.

Can multiple PTZ cameras hook up to one unit via a switch?

You can hook multiple PTZ cameras into a single Wireless Cable. You would just need to use an ethernet switch on the camera side instead of plugging a single PTZOptics camera into the unit. Also, this is ideal for still being able to deliver PoE power to your wireless network for your cameras. The only limit is your wireless distance and the bandwidth limitations on the units.


Unlock the Power of Network Control

Take full control of your robotic PTZ camera with these resources…

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Camera Comparison Charts


Field of View Calculator

What is the distance from the camera to the subject?

All distances in feet

12X Lens

Width -
(w) 23.8
(w) 17.6
Height -
(t) 3.0
(t) 1.7

20X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8

30X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8
Terms - *Telephoto (Fully Zoomed In) – *Wide (Fully Zoomed Out), Height and Width refer to image height/width at given object distance.