Hello IT & AV Pros!

Unified Communications is an important topic for corporate customers and no software is making a bigger impact than Skype for Business, Office 365 and Exchange. PTZOptics has recently teamed up with UnifiedCT to provide a Boardroom ready installation package that integrate Skype for Business, Office 365, Exchange and your favorite online video conferencing providers such as WebEX, GoToMeeting and Zoom.US. Unyfy brings all your online conferencing providers under an easy to use interface.  You can launch Lync, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom (and more), with a single click/touch.

John McKinney, lead engineer explains you can “See your Exchange and/or Google calendar from a single view. As users invite your Conference Room resources to meetings, Unyfy’s Schedule Bar automatically stays up to date and displays the upcoming meetings in easy to see and select format…” Today the industry standard for technology like this is called a “Lync Room System” and they tend to cost upwards of $10,000-20,000! Unyfy is working to simplify the solution and make it more affordable with a software only solution at $2,000/license and now a Boardroom system starting at just $5,664. Organizations investing in collaboration, more often than not, rely on Lync. However, Lync in the Conference Room has few options, and they are all over three times more expensive than Unyfy. And they ONLY do Lync!.”

Download the Boardroom Data Sheet

Download the Unyfy Data Sheet