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December 2015 Spotlight

Eastern Shore Broadcast has been chosen this month as our “Reseller Spotlight” as Tom Sinclair creates a stellar review of the PTZOptics cameras being used for live streaming and house of worship applications. Tom may be better know as “The Streaming Idoit” OR “That Vidblaster Guy” online as he reviews all kinds of live streaming products personally from Magewell, to VidBlaster, vMix and PTZOptics.

thumbWe produce our own shows using custom video streaming computers that we build for ourselves.

Starting with the cutting edge That VidBlaster Guy! show in 2012, Tom Sinclair branched out creating Streaming Idiots in 2014 to cover even more of the emerging live streaming industry. He produces special live video events like his popular Round Table series. Tom uses his streaming PC’s as test beds for new software, cameras, and components. See all of these show on YouTube.

Berlin Racetrack PCsWe build custom streaming computers for our clients in sports, houses of worship, school, and talk show hosts.

Our custom PC’s power streaming / recording / replays / broadcast / projection in churches, race tracks, baseball stadiums, hockey arenas, football fields, radios stations, school productions, and talk shows. We use only high quality, brand name components in our custom PC’s allowing us to offer a three-year warranty on every system. Tom thinks lifetime tech support is a good idea, too. His, or yours, which ever comes first. (That’s a joke, of course.)

mage quad hdmi vmix3We test streaming components and software, and make those items available for purchase in our online store.

Nearly everything that listed in our online store has been personally tested by Tom. Many of the products even include Tom’s comments on that item. Tom has also bundled items together in order to offer special discounts like the popular Magewell/vMix deals. The store includes quality brands like vMix, Magewell, PTZ Optics, Audio Technica, Behringer, and

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