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Unified Communications and Web Video Conferencing are changing the way the corporate market thinks about both internal and external communications. PTZOptics is an ideal solution for the corporate market as they transition from traditional video conferencing (using HDMI/DVI video codecs) and move toward online communications (using USB 3.0). An ideal example is a corporation using a traditional H.323 video conferencing codec that wants to add the ability to do online video conferencing meetings with software such as GoToMeeting and WebEX. The USB PTZOptics models have both USB 3.0 and HDMI so instead of re-configuring the entire room the corporation can simply replace the camera and serve both purposes.

PTZOptics cameras are also being used in various training rooms and boardrooms. In these environments the cameras can be used for the web conferencing and traditional video conferencing situations mentioned above but they can also be used for live streaming and far end camera control. Internal or external network live streaming is being used for corporate announcements and live streaming events. Marketing may use a webinar platform like GoToWebinar or a live streaming service such as Wirecast.

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Unyfy is a Skype for Business compatible room scheduling software built to enterprise unified communications. Unified Communications is an important topic for corporate customers and no software is making a bigger impact than Skype for Business, Office 365 and Exchange. Unyfy combines the room calendar via Google Calendars or Microsoft Exchange with your video conferencing controls. When Unyfy decided to create a “BoardRoom” package they chose PTZOptics for quality and affordability.

We wanted a affordable USB conference camera with the features enterprise customers have come to expect. The USB PTZOptics models were exactly what we were looking for! – John McKinney. CEO, Unified Conferencing Technologies

The PTZOptics 12X-USB is used as the USB video device selected in Skype for Business along with a Phoenix Audio Quattro 3 for audio. Together with the Intel NUC UnifiedCT has a complete audio and video conferencing solution for Skype for Business. The Intel NUC comes pre-installed with the Unyfy software to tie Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business together with support for a multitude of web conferencing providers such as GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom.US.

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