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TeleSouth launches SuperTalkTV

TeleSouth Media installed give PTZOptics 20X-SDI cameras to help broadcast select radio shows on the stations website. The media company is currently streaming three shows Monday through Friday and two shows each Saturday. The audio engineers, who are also co-hosts, have the ability to switch the cameras and operate the IP joystick as needed from the control room.

TeleSouth Media launches SuperTalk TV in April of 2019. SuperTalk TV is an HD video stream originating from the Jackson studios for The Gallo Radio Show, The JT Show and Good Things with Rebecca Turner.

The picture above shows the SuperTalk TV show as it is produced live. This LCD monitor is used as a confidence monitor available for guests to see what is going on in the main broadcast area. Each PTZOptics camera is wall mounted securely to the drywall using an HCM-1 HuddleCamHD wall mount. Each camera is powered with a single ethernet cable and video is sent using 3G-SDI cabling.

  • Easy to Operate: Each PTZOptics camera can be controlled with the click of a mouse in vMix. vMix provides thumbnail images for the co-host to quickly reference.
  • Multiple Angles: Without changing the configuration of the Super Talk Mississippi broadcasting room, multiple PTZOptics cameras are discreetly installed.
  • Green Room: A green room uses a video output to display the main radio broadcasts for guests waiting to come on the show.

Equipment for live streaming a radio station

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Learn how this radio station used live streaming WCHE 1520 AM Radio recently hosted a radio broadcast which included a live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn during a sponsored AM radio hour. The radio station used a PTZOptics Producer Kit to connect three live streaming cameras together for use during the production. The station was able to take a simple audio output from their existing audio mixer and convert that to USB for use with vMix live streaming software.

The station used a PTZOptics 12X-SDI camera to capture multiple views of guests inside their studio. The main host had a 12X-ZCam camera with a fixed view of the main interview microphone. Finally, the third camera was a wide-angle ZCam-VL camera used to show the entire radio studio during commercial breaks.

  • Simple Audio: Bringing audio into the stream involved a single output from the radio board into an audio mixer.
  • A Single Cord Solution: The PTZOptics NDI cameras are able to use a single ethernet connection for video, audio, control, and power.
  • Network Solution: The cameras were brought into the PC & powered via a TP-Link 8 port PoE switch. The network included a TP-Link Archer 1200 Router.

The live stream results adding thousands of additional audience members to the popular radio stations broadcast. The show is available here on YouTube to view below:

This system used the PTZOptics Producer Kit with a simple NDI (IP Video) networking setup. All of our cameras were powered over ethernet and our video was available via both SDI and NDI. The in-studio system received audio from the radio stations board into a Focusrite USB audio interface used with the vMix PC Software. This stream was then sent to EasyLive via an RTMP stream. The stream was switched between the vMix system and the LiveU IRL feed during commercial breaks.

Download the PDF Case Study

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