Hello PTZOptics Follower!

You asked and we listened! PTZOptics has an exciting new pair of products that are now shipping! The PTZOptics ZCam 4X & ZCam 20X are the latest additions to the PTZOptics camera line. You asked for  lower cost HD-SDI 1080p cameras and you didn’t necessarily need pan and tilt capabilities. The ZCam’s are perfect additions to your broadcast camera set up providing either HD-SDI or IP streaming video in full 1080p quality. As always we are providing a huge amount of flexibility. For the ZCam 4X we have a completely interchangeable variable lens allowing you to select any C/CS Type Lens available on the market. We include an ultra wide 122° angle lens which was our most popular request for only $499 MSRP!

We found our customers were using our PTZOptics 12X & 20X camera options in conjunction with static cameras for ease of use. Once again PTZOptics has backwards engineered a popular HD-SDI box camera design to make it more affordable and more powerful with interchangeable lenses and network control. Our 20X ZCam is a great go-to for an affordable HD-SDI static camera shot coming in at just $799! So check out the latest specifications on the PTZOptics ZCams. Both cameras can now be found in the PTZOptics Designer for laying out your next broadcast or live streaming / video conferencing project.

More test footage and control capability testing to come… Until next time 🙂

Don’t need Pan & Tilt? Try a ZCam!

PTZOptics ZCam 4X

PTZOptics ZCam 20X