Pro AV Room Design Tool Tutorial

This tool is currently in beta. These instructions are in the process of being refined.


Step 1: Measure your space
Measure your space. You can start out with the dimensions of your space or make an estimate. Room dimensions are entered in inches.

Step 2: 2D and 3D Viewing
The 2D overhead view of this application is used for adding items into your scene. There are two 3D modes you can use to view your project. The first is an overhead 3D view. This view allow you to use the wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out. You can click and drag your mouse around the scene in order to rotate your view in 3D. The next mode is a 3D first person mode. You can use the W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard to move around just like a video game. You can use the space bar to jump just for fun. This is a great way to look around your 3D model with a first person view. You will need to switch back to the 2D mode to add new items into your project. You can adjust item properties such as altitude and texture in 3D mode.
Tip:Use of a mouse with a wheel is strongly suggested for the 3D views.
Step 3: Adding items
Start by adding the doors and windows. Next you add the tables and chairs. You can toggle between the 2D and 3D modes to make sure your items are in the appropriate places. As you add items in your space you will notice that they show up ont the right hand side menu. There are item properties that can be adjusted to fit your project such as altitude. If you are placing an LCD on a wall or an object on to a table you will have to use the altitude button to place the item above ground zero.

  • Select Item
  • Drop into space
  • Rotate Item
  • Adjust properties

Tip:Use the search bar to easily find 3D items for your project.
Step 4: Add your Technology
Now it’s time to give your client a good view of the technology you are proposing for your next project. Items like cameras start with a field of view that shows the cameras ability to zoom in and out. You can toggle the field of view layer on and off in the side bar menu.
Step 5: Add textures/color
Walls have the ability to add textures and colors to make it look more realistic. You can choose from a range of texture and color options in the side bar menu. You can click individual walls to change their textures using the sidebar menu.
Step 6: Additional Features
You can always undo/redo any change that you make in the application at the top right hand corner. You can always take a screenshot which will be downloaded on to your computer.