Guide to Selling Virtual Tickets

Maximize your events reach and increase revenue with virtual ticket sales

Virtual Ticket Sales Guide


Selling Virtual Tickets is a great way to increase revenue and excitement for your next event. This guide includes everything you need to create a strategy that will work for selling virtual tickets successfully at your next event!.

“Virtual Tickets can make any conference more profitable, because there is fixed overhead and you don’t have to worry about the traditional expenses such as hotel fees. All you have to worry about is having the right equipment with the right partners ” – Derral Eves, VidSummit Event Planner

People at home are able to watch the event in their pajamas. Our viewers are interacting and they are seeing the event from all around the world. Along with the live viewers, the video on-demand is a very big deal for us after the conference. The virtual ticket holders get the choice to choose which talks they want to tune into and with the on-demand access everyone has the ability to go back and watch talks that they missed. In fact, 98% of our virtual ticket holders also purchased the on-demand access ($49 upcharge)…


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