Flipped Classroom Guide

See how universities and schools are using video technologies for the flipped classroom.

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The concept of the “Flipped Classroom” more than ten years. The flipped classroom is the idea that students perform better when they bring their homework into school and engage with course materials at home. While the research shows this style of teaching is effective, many of the tools educators have always needed to create unique and engaging video content for the courses are just now becoming available. Teachers have always wanted an easy way to create high-quality video content for the online instructional portions of their curriculum.

Today teachers have access to easy to use online, cloud-based and mobile applications to make video creation easier. The free guide available below gives educators a chance to see many of the tools. Learn more about:

  • Document cameras
  • Touch screen annotation
  • PTZ camera controls

We hope to inspire educators around the world to learn about what is possible with video content creation to increase engagement with their students leveraging the power of their LMS (Learning Management Systems).

Download our Free Flipped Classroom Video Content Creator Guide Here

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