Create live product presentataions

Learn how to use live streaming to deliver presentations on your products.

Tips for Hosting Live Product Demonstrations

The first most important tip for hosting a successful live product demonstration is authenticity. Gone are the days when businesses can simply post a perfect video of their product and company where nothing could ever go wrong. Today customers want to see what really “comes in the box” and you will notice that audiences want to connect to real people who they can relate with. Did you know Facebook reports that on average viewers will watch 3-8 times longer when a video is live versus pre-recorded? It’s time to leverage the power of live product demonstrations to connect with customers in multiple stages in your sales funnel.

Speaking of your sales funnel… Live product demonstrations can be used to attract new leads and delight existing customers but most important shorten your overall sales cycle. Nothing is better than a customer testimonial shown on your live stream in front of a group of interested prospects. This is called social proof, and it is one of the most authentic powerful ways to connect with your audience. Whether you are planning a new product release or a deep-dive feature overview, live streaming can be used to deepen your connection with your prospects and customers alike.

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