This is an opportunity for one lucky house of worship to be outfitted with a high-quality audiovisual system for video production and streaming.

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We started live streaming one year ago, and we have already had real life results from it. On Facebook we're seeing 20x the results of YouTube. One recent stream got over a 1,000 views on FB with many comments and dozens of shares

Doug Josep, Christian Apostolic Church Shreveport, Louisiana

Yes, we have folks check us out online long before they ever cross our doors. We also have shut-ins who will watch our services when they can not make it to church.

Scott Cundiff Clear Lake Nazarene Webster, TX

We have the best opportunity for the farthest reach with the Gospel via web streaming. We have members and non members that view live or archived services

Roger Conant

Yes, we stream our Chapel services at High Point University to allow parents from around the country and world to see their children take leadership roles in our services.

Don Moore

It helps to introduce new people to the church, those members who are unable to attend services because of work, shutin members, members who are studying abroad, members who are out of the local area on business

Samuel Nelson St. Bess
Join the Churches that Live Stream Facebook Group!

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