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Robotic Telemedicine Case Study

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Hello Telemedicine & Healthcare Professionals!

Today we wanted to review an important case study sweeping the healthcare industry. That’s right Telehealth aka Telemedicine. Wikipedia defines Telehealth as ” the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. Telehealth could be as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone or as sophisticated as doing robotic surgery between facilities at different ends of the globe.”

Mobile Robotic Teleheath System

Mobile Robotic Teleheath System

Pertexa Healthcare Technologies, Inc, the California-based telemedicine organization reports they have chosen PTZOptics mechanical PTZ cameras for their primary telehealth soltuion RITA (Remote Intelligent TeleHealth Assistant). These telemedicine robots use cutting edge advancements in telehealth technology to take full PTZ camera control remotely from their secure telemedicine software. The specialties will include dermatology, cardiology, pain management ,OB/GYN , orthopedic and primary care.

PTZOptics USB camera line provides UVC control permitting Pertexa to control the automated PTZ controls through a straightforward USB connection with RITA. This permits specialists working remotely to intertact progressively with patients while zooming into specific regions of interest for telemedicine professionals.

RITA permits specialists to remotely assess the seriousness of a sickness or harm and focus the best game-plan for healthcare professionals. Doctors control the camera to analyze patients remotely and have prompt access to electronic well being records, EKG results, circulatory strain and oxygen readings, and other gear used to therapeutically analyze a damage or disease.

Pertexa, Inc. is a cutting edge telehealth organization headquartered in Ridgecrest, California fostering the innovation which created R.I.T.A. (Remote Intelligent TeleHealth Assistant) and Radekal, the country’s driving Physician’s Productivity Tool. Pertexa has been perceived as a standout amongst the most creative medicinal innovation organizations in America and works with driving restorative offices in California to enhance and progress country social insurance.

About Pertexa:

Pertexa, Inc. based in Ridgecrest, California (PRNewsFoto/Pertexa, Inc.)

Pertexa, Inc. based in Ridgecrest, California (PRNewsFoto/Pertexa, Inc.)

Pertexa, Inc. is a next-generation medical technology company headquartered in Ridgecrest, California that creates and distributes advanced technology including RITA and RADEKAL, the nationʼs leading Physicianʼs Productivity Tool, which has been shown to increase productivity by 30%. By combining both hardware and app development for worldwide medical use, Pertexa is an innovative brain trust, advancing disruptive transformational technologies for an evolving healthcare environment.

Gaining IP Control of your PTZOptics Camera

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Hello PTZOptics Users!

Today we want to review just how easy it is to gain PTZ control of your PTZOptics camera over your network. There are a few simple steps you can take to make this process super simple. If you are looking for “far end camera control” outside your network please refer to this article: 5 Ways to use far end camera control (outside your network).

Step 1: Connecting your camera to the network


Connect your PTZOptics camera to your network and turn on the camera. Once your PTZOptics camera is on the network you will be able to login to the IP address from any web browser using the default user name and password “admin” and “admin”for the username/password. (We recommend changing the default password once you are successfully logged in).

Step 2: Determine the IP Address

PTZOptics IP Address Tool

PTZOptics IP Address Tool

There are two easy ways to determine the IP address your camera is on. By default the IP address will be (But in some networks this might not work). So the easiest way is to use our IP Address tool (available in the downloads area) to search your network. You can also find the IP address from your router.

Step 3: Log in to the camera and take control

PTZOptics Control GUI

At this point you can take control of your camera in a variety of different ways know that you know the IP Address. You can gain a live video feed and PTZ control from the interface built in the camera (Using Firefox or Opera… Chrome no longer supports VLC plugin required). You can use our open source control software to build a custom interface. Or you can use our premium IP control software with all the bells and whistles including PresetVisualizer and remote IP control.

Step 4: How to set a static IP address

In the following video Matthew Davis reviews how to set a static IP address for the PTZOptics cameras using the IP Address Tool available on the downloads page. Setting a static IP address is ideal in most networks to manage your IP devices efficiently.

All about Camera Control

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Hello PTZOptics Fans!

Today we are going to review the various you can control a PTZOptics camera. We are proud to say we have some of the industries most advanced camera control software, along with industry standards that are used in countless deployment strategies. Let’s start by outlining the control protocols PTZOptics supports:

VISCA Camera Control Cabling

  • VISCA Control
    1. Pioneered by SONY, this control protocol allows for advanced camera control with 100’s of options
    2. Commonly accessed over RS-232

UVC Camera Control Cabling

  • UVC Control
    1. UVC control is a protocol used for computers to control USB devices. Because PTZOptics offers USB and supports UVC we can now control the cameras PTZ just over one USB connection.

Read More

Far End Camera Control

5 Ways to use Far End Camera Control (Outside your network)

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Hello PTZOptics Users!

As many of you know every PTZOptics camera provides pan tilt zoom controls over TCP/IP for far end camera control. The following tips are strategies that you can use to gain far end camera control from IP cameras with type of control. PTZOptics now provides camera control to the far end using both RS-232 (VISCA) and UVC Controls over a USB cable using our new UVC Camera Control Software (or the VISCA version of this software) which will be include in this review.

**Please consult your IT team to determine the best way to gain remote camera control access. You may find your IT team knows exactly what to do to accomplish these simple and secure networking strategies.

Using IP Control TCP/IP

Port Forwarding PTZOptics Camera Control

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is a set of networking protocols that PTZOptics uses for camera control. You can use a Static IP Address on your internal network to control the camera’s Pan Tilt and Zoom plus view a live video stream at the same time. PTZOptics offers open source control codes developers can use to take control of multiple cameras with live video (using a VLC plugin).

Let’s look at three ways to get IP camera controls available to users outside your network on “the far end”. After all, local camera control over your network using a “internal IP address” will most likely not be accessible to far end users of a video conference call.

One example of a far end user would be a broadcast camera operator on a mobile device using 4G network. With open source camera controls you can serve up secure control with ultra-low bandwidth requirements with or without video. The open source code available can be stripped down to basic HTML and JavaScript which can quickly be loaded by any modern web browser. You can keep your hosted controls safe with a multitude of security protocols in your network and firewall. Plus every PTZOptics camera includes a default user name and password protection process for basic security. Read More

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