Superjoy Tech Specs Tab

  • VISCA: Serial connections include PTZ cameras with RS-232 and RS-485 from brands such as Aver, AIDA, BirdDog, Bolin, ClearOne, DataVideo, JVC, Lumens, Marshall Electronics, RGBLink, SONY
  • SONY VISCA over IP: Includes PTZ cameras from AIDA, AVer, BirdDog, Bolin, BZBGear, ClearOne, JVC, Lumens, SONY
  • PTZOptics VISCA: All PTZOptics cameras, HuddleCamHD
  • NDI®: Includes NDI® PTZ cameras from AIDA, AVer, BirdDog, Bolin, BZBGear, Canon, ClearOne, DataVideo, HuddleCamHD, JVC, Lumens, Marshall Electronics, NewTek, Panasonic, RGBLink
  • PELCO-P and PELCO-D: Includes PTZ cameras from BirdDog, DataVideo, JVC, Lumens, RGBLink, Marshall Electronics
  • Panasonic (HTTP): Panasonic Cameras

*These brands support industry standard protocols. Please check individual camera models to ensure compatibility with the standards supported by our joystick controllers.

Technical Specifications Connections RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, RJ-45
Control Protocols VISCA, VISCA over IP, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, Sony, & NDI®
Max Cameras 28 cameras total (5 groups of 7 channels)
Recommended Max Distance RS-232 / RS-422: 50 ft | 15m RS-485: 3,937 ft | 1200m Ethernet: 328 ft | 100m
Baud rate 1200 -19200 bps
Operation Specifications Power 6W112VDC / PoE (802.3af) (Only use one (1) power source at a time.)
Working Temp 14° F -122° F | -10° C +50°C
Working Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensation)
Weight 3.75 lbs | 1.70 kg
Dimensions (in.) 13.94 W x 7.05 D x 3.98 H
Dimensions (mm.) 370 W x 180 D x 101 H