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???? ??? ??? ???? is coming to our YouTube and Facebook channels Monday, April 20th! Hack the NAB Show is the next best thing to actually going to the National Association of Broadcasters Show which has been canceled this year. In an effort, to bring together some of the top minds in the live streaming and video production industry, Hack the NAB Show will feature over 15 top streaming companies. The show will feature Magewell, Elgato, Roland, the VideoGuys, ATOMOS, EasyLive, HuddleCamHD, NewTek, PTZOptics, LiveU, Wirecast, Epiphan, xKeys, Matrox, Ecamm Live, Wowza and JB&A.

Hack the NAB Show
Hack the NAB Show

What is this show all about?

If you were like us, and planning on attending the 2020 NAB Show, then your a little upset it has been canceled? So what can we do? This event brings together as many companies as we could possibly fit into one full day of live streaming. This event will have a great live stream everyone can engage with on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitch. At the same time, an exclusive Zoom Video Conference break out session will be available for live stream attendees to ask questions directly to the expert speakers about their new products and hacks being presented.

What is the hacking all about?

The idea of hacking a product is the process of finding new and sometime un-intended use cases for products and solutions. As this show unveils new technology from a variety of live streaming companies, it’s the audience’s job to think about how to hack new feature sets together and create productive video production workflows. It’s similar to a hack-a-thon but more importantly, like a virtual event, you are going to gain great access to breaking news from over 15 industry-leading companies. Yes, it would be amazing to live stream from the official NAB show this year, but hey, this is going to be one of the best shows you can watch from home.

What about the Zoom breakout sessions?

This event gets even better! You can join hundreds of other industry professional to have a conversation directly with the expert speakers at the Hack NAB Show Event! We can only fit 300 meeting attendees into our Zoom video conference so please register to receive the password at

Here is the show schedule

Show Schedule: (EST)

8:30AM – Show Kick Off
9:00AM – Magewell
9:30AM – Elgato
10:00AM – Roland
10:20AM – VideoGuys Tech Update
10:40AM – ATOMOS
11:00AM – Easy Live
11:20AM – HuddleCamHD
12:30PM – Technology Giveaway
1:00PM – NewTek
1:30PM – PTZOptics
2:00PM – LiveU
2:30PM – Wirecast
3:00PM – Epiphan
3:20PM – Xkeys
3:40PM – Matrox
4:00PM – Ecamm Live
4:20PM – Wowza
4:40PM – JB&A
5:00PM – Finale – Musical Performance