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PTZOptics is quickly becoming a House of Worship favorite for it’s “swiss-army knife” features and affordability. Because PTZOptics cameras offer simultaneous video outputs for the industries top connection types (HDMI, HD-SDI, USB, IP Streaming) they become a ideal choice for the house of worship market. PTZOptics cameras are used for live streaming church events and because they have multiple video outputs the additional video signals are used locally to enhance the experience. For example, many churches use the RTSP/RTMP streaming of audio and video to live stream their sunday services using a service like ChurchStreaming.TV or Wirecast. Then they can use the HDMI video signal to power a local monitor in a common room or hallway and still use the USB or IP signal for a local preview for the camera operator. With multiple simultaneous video outputs PTZOptics provides multiple solutions for the house of worship market that doesn’t break the budget.

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Church / House of Worship Virtual Set Pack



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The House of Worship Virtual Set Pack include Four (4) virtual sets. These virtual sets are perfect for live streaming, professional recordings and a multitude of promotion video possibilities. Easily integrate these virtual sets with any professional video editing software and use our pre-configured packages for the industries top live streaming solutions: NewTek TriCasters, vMix and WireCast.

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ChurchStreaming.TV has a new device that makes their “unlimited” live streaming service even easier for churches to get started with live streaming. The new “ChurchStreaming Box” ($499) ships pre-configured for immediate live streaming. All you need to do is plug in a video and audio source to the ChurchStreamer and your up and running.

ChurchStreaming.TV has partnered with PTZOptics to provide a affordable PTZ camera that works with the ChurchStreamer. The set up is amazingly simple and users can easily take the system wherever they need to go (you just need power and internet). So basically the live streaming device needs to be plugged into the internet, the camera and your audio system. Depending on how far away your camera needs to be you can connect via HDMI or HD-SDI (HD-SDI is preferred for longer cable runs). The entire system can live stream audio and video in full HD 1080p! It’s a home run set up for most churches who already have a audio mixer in place but simply want to add the video and streaming components.

Church Streaming Layout

The PTZOptics Camera line fits the needs of our customer base. Churches want high quality cameras with professional video outputs that won’t break the budget. That’s why we continue to partner with PTZOptics on live streaming projects across the country.Rob Desilets, CEO, ChurchStreaming.TV

Capture Encode Transmit

Church Streaming.TV

ChurchStreaming.TV provides a video streaming platform that is optimized to meet the needs of churches. They include all the features churches need to live stream services with the ability to embed live streams and recorded content directly into any website, set up a custom Roku channel and even provide viewer mapping statistics.

With ChurchStreaming.TV the process is simple: 1. Capture your audio and video, 2. Encode and Transmit, 3. View.

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