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Hello PTZOptics Followers!

This is a quick video demonstrating the PTZOptics live broadcast set up tested by Paul Richards from Conference Room Systems. This set up includes 2 PTZOptics HD-SDI cameras and a Epiphan Pearl to stream to YouTube Live. The Epiphan Pearl is set up to stream to YouTube Live and make a local HD recording on the internal 1 terabyte hard drive. The PTZOptics cameras can then be controlled for live event camera switching on the Epiphan Pearl.

We also included a Joystick controller which is controlling both cameras via RS-232 serial cabling (cascade cable for the 2 cameras with in/out RS-232). In this way we can easily control the cameras for a live broadcast without relying on the IR remote which can be un-usable from the behind the cameras. The Joystick works great and allows you to easily switch between the cameras.


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